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awlethu mshini ‘wam

awlethu mshini ‘wam
our leaders have sold the fucking farm
they have followed on negotiation
with a simple solution to overpopulation,
let us die;
and the sooner the better.
our leaders forge their “things are improving” letter
while they kill us with their poison pen
and of course they care, how and when:
of course, the sooner, the better.
TB for our brothers; HIV/aids for our sisters:
One Bullet One Settler…
here in Africa
we live a rhythm of dust to dust
our souls feeding an unquantifiable lust
for famine and war and disease and
greed and fear and crime and hate and
still; homeless children wait, their snotty faces a blank plate
a futureless fate.
will it, can it, do they ever want it to stop?
ever? never?; never ever in neverneverland
our brothers; our sisters
our mothers; our fathers wither and die
our fat criminal leaders get fatter with money
my money, your money, they want all the money
share the goddamn honey
destroying people must be fun
awlethu mshini ‘wam



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