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i want my body to look like that
tanned and lithe, with a diamond
in my belly button
showing everyone where to look

i want my legs to be hard like that
lean and never-ending in sexy high heels
the curve of my thigh sensuous
where my silky stockings disappear into your mind

i have beautiful eyes
from African summer blue to arctic winter storm
my soul lights
shine my love for you

it is said
every wrinkle tells a story
one day I’ll write my book
but I do wish I had a body like that




  1. ozymandiaz says:

    there is more beauty in the glance of an eye than the most lithe form.

  2. amandzing says:


  3. oniongirl says:

    ah hell. i dig this. seriously. and i know this. seriously.

    i once was a warrior… now a worrier.

    pass the chocolate. it anaesthetises.

    have a romany cream 😆

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