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i fear

i fear
your coming
i fear you’ll want
no part of me
no part of this
life i’ve built
that has become my
reality for those who
know me, love me
as i am today
and see me, as
i stand before you
proud and accomplished, tired
of hiding behind masks
of secret sadness
that hurt you more
than i, as i
wait so nervously for
you to reject me
before you may love
whom i love, truly,
i love myself as i
walk my new road




  1. withmalice says:

    A lil’ dark… but has nice meter to it.

    Here’s to another hit! 😉


    thank you, its one of my first, dealing with a whole lot of angst (No? really?? ;), and putting words down divorced me a little from the emotion, made it easier to deal with.

  2. nectarfizz says:

    I love this has a longing that I feel. Good stuff!

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