the amandzing way

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in neetherland, i grimble
my wurds and free them
in hoxlin and tumble them
about with beetles and freyslo’s

as they widrel thru the skrummy
they deegle their hybarts and float
through dirblwytts and things
that skwitter and twitter

they fiigle their lives away
happy and floopy wurds
their yabbles and sugals
shine brightly in the sunny drren

this is a grollin place, this neetherland
listen to the wurds hurble and dipstill
as they koophil and siffolt
to lay down their hizzits at the end of the vult

they foo softly as they rest their dazz
snuggling to maintain their jast
waiting expectantly, for tomorrow
brings a new wunny to bear


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