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tommi da kat

tommi was a stripy cat,
a hairy cat
a big cat
a cool cat
her days were busy,
sleeping, grooming,
duffing her housemates around
offering her head for scratches

tommi was a brave cat
she growled at baddies
and save babydragons life
from those baddies

then some fools lit some crackers
and tommi got scared
she ran away
and fell into a half full oil drum

we panicked for two nights
and three days
but we trusted the angels
and they brought her back

she was weak, and skinny and sick
and she passed over guarding Babydragon to me
we let her go
her body was cold and broken

we also told her to visit
and when Babydragon isn’t so sad anymore
then she will see tommi
in the wind, sun, in her heart

bye bye tommi

you were da kat!



  1. goldwhispers says:

    awwwwwwwwww no babes 😦

  2. nectarfizz says:

    tommi…I miss you too..though knowing you not. I see your spirit.
    you really were da kat. I think I see a feline smile, I think perhaps
    she already knew.

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