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snatches of dreams

it’s dark,
a dark movie
i’m suffocated, get out, dark outside
on my bicycle,
‘can i touch you?’ blonde man vibrates
with longing
i hear ‘i want to be with you’

she flicks her long hair
irritated with him
our bicycles shhh shhh in the shadows
i lose blondeman
in the night and run with darkman
on foot

dark houses, leaning
towards me, lose the others
darkman and me
he runs, I ride
fire in a bucket
same, same, like the poor

he’s rich, i’m poor,
he runs, i ride
touchme finds us lost
a long dark road
she touchme smiles
the sound of their smile scares me



1 Comment

  1. nectarfizz says:

    I can feel the story in this but drat it is a fleeting smile. This is very good! (still want that story though) (grin)

    Thanks, i changed the title, wasn’t sure about it. Perhaps it makes more sense now?

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