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i hide

i hide
in my closet
you feel i play games with
everyone’s minds, I think,
especially my own

you will not accept me so
i am the bearded lady,
the two headed baby
the three tailed goat
shut it up behind the moat

you disown this five legged lamb
emotionally ground up spam
you can’t love this three eyed freak
you fear this misshapen mutant
put it in a pickle jar

you can’t see me
to have your friends jeer
would be too much for you
did you ever think
maybe, they’re not your friends

as I grow into your small mind
i used to believe your prejudice
was my fault
but its ok, all i ask
love me, as I was, and as I am

i believe i am
what I appear to be
i believe I feel I know
that me, myself and I
couldn’t be happier

in my soul, in my mind
in my core, where everything
that is fundamental
to my survival
i am womyn.



1 Comment

  1. SanityFound says:

    Wow! I love the imagery, your words hit in an emotional way – incredible!

    🙂 Thank you

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