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Sad sammy

she’s getting cranky now,
battles to get going
in the cold, waking
with a bellow, a puff
of smoke and she’s
on the warpath…

she carries me on
her back, wheezing at the longer
hills, galloping down with rattles
galore as she builds her strength
for the next one,
and the next…

oh sad sammy, glory days are gone,
but you shine so prettily
when you are wet, i want to ride you
and ride you and ride you,
until the day is gone and
come back again

how we giggle at
everyone trapped in their cages
how we pass frustration by
with a bellow in their ear
and a thank you wave, or
is it , see ya later…

sad sammy is my bike, and
we love each other to bits, altho
her slip is showing, and her blue rinse
not so fashionable,
still, we go places, quicker cheaper
faster than anyone we know, truly
joined at the hip…

post script: I was involved in an accident with sad sammy, and had to sell her. Her new owner restored her beautifully, but she was sadly stolen shortly thereafter…


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