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you are

you are
in my ears
my heart
my face
your day can’t start
without kicking me in the heart
i can do no right
u who do no wrong
you’ve got it all
inconsiderate untidy
forgetful don’t take it
attack attack
attack attack
a line has been crossed
i cannot engage
i fear you
i fear your mind
i fear what you might find
wrong again, i hear you
i feel you must loathe me
for you to bully me so
i keep out of the way
and to my room i confine my stay
confused and hurt
i’m taking this personally
i know you’re going to
challenge me again
hector me again
until i agree that
it’s entirely my fault
i thought I was your friend
but I was wrong
i’m your punch bag



1 Comment

  1. Kim says:

    You blow me away with your words
    My hart and world
    I love you

    And I you, my love.

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