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my life with you is such a lie
i cannot call you dad
you cannot call me daughter
im glad youre over there
im glad im over here

my life with you
a binary mask
you see what you want to
i be what I don’t want to
i need to know you
i need to know me

i hate you know me I hate you
i love you understand me I love you
its not my fault its not my fault
my keyboard your shield
my black and white life
turns to red and grey

come back daddy I love you so
you loved me once
love me anew
its me daddy its me
will I ever see you again
will my words bury you
where you stand

im sorry daddy
i lied to you
protecting you saving you
prolonging you
just until
you come back
then I can destroy you
and no longer
lie to you




  1. sheena23 says:


    Clicked on your name. Wow – this poem is so sad!

    thanks for visiting. have a look around 🙂

  2. lynn says:

    Hmmm, that was very telling. Made me sad

  3. nectarfizz says:

    A confused mind indeed in this poem, quite honestly one of your best works.

    thank you friend

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