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I HATE the new…

tiny little e
where i’m supposed to edit replys
its linked to snapshots and wont get out the way
when i want to say
thank you for believing in me, with me
make it go away
i want to reply to my comments every day
its disrespectful not to
and i want to but that (insert multiple descriptive detailed expletives)
little effing eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wont effing let meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

please help.



  1. tomachfive says:

    I love the freedom of expression in “I hate the new”, all those exclamation points pleasant jerk me in my seat; “Moonlight” gave me celestial highways, a lovely image and sweet in its entirety; “I wish” enthralls me in photographing the song, yipee! Lastly, “Senseless death” saddens me but at the same reminds me of honor and duty. Way to go!

    😀 thank you tomachfive for your kind words

  2. obakeng says:

    I have never used SnapShot before so i wouldn’t know how to help you, but why don’t you rather come back here on the post and reply to comments.

    Or log-off and reply using the comments form.

    Actually, for a simple solution: REMOVE THE WHOLE THING!
    🙂 is ok, Sulz told me how, just edit in comments by clicking on the users’ name. easy peasy.

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