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deja vu in black and white
history once again sees the light
what was then is now
and as africa chases its tail
a harvard educated intelligentsia says
there is no crisis in zimbabwe
sanitised politicised african thug
with a plastic smile
plastered on his greying mug
could care less about blood
leaking into graves dug for the people
by the people
he’s just misunderstood
when the people
are brutalised by an african nazi
who flails at the west while he rapes a human rights test
his countrymen flee his spittle-flecked love
mugabes on the warpath with china at his side
against zimbabwe
chinese weapons seek a port of entry
as politicians obliviate, obsfucate, validate
an unassailable fucking degenerate
deja vu in black and white
history plays itself out
kabila, botha, amin
africas at play again



  1. thewordwright says:

    What a beautifully written piece of work! Admire your talent 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

  2. SanityFound says:

    deja vu revisited, a poem after my own heart – there is no crisis, don’t stress about the ship full of arms heading to a country near our border, sad. Beautifully put, a great poem as always! A

    thanks A, and while our leaders prevaricate, more blood is spilt…

  3. lovesmukiwa says:

    Amazing writing

    Thank you 🙂

  4. sonkind says:

    You have an Amandzing talent, never stop writing! This piece is, in its excellence, so very, very sad.

    thank you 🙂

    true that, there’s going to come a time when we cannot blame anyone for our self inflicted problems any more…

  5. hoh says:

    v sad………..
    how long did it take you to write?

    fortunately humans are mortal so eventually the tyrants do disappear – the problem is the next generation of greedy power hungry leaders!
    education education education for all
    and this is one of the first things to be clamped down on – with the disappearance of the intelligentsia/journalists/those who speak out etc etc
    it’s good old human nature – our fundamental darkness…. the shadow with in
    what can we do to avoid history repeating itself over and over and over!
    it’s a real boar……….

    a wonderful saying i found……

    “Let us extinguish the flames of hatred with a flood of dialogue.”
    Daisaku Ikeda

    words are always inside us, it’s a matter of timing when they explode…i’ve waited my whole life for these words to bubble up… and i’ll wait another lfetime for other words to burst forth 🙂 thank you for your comments.

  6. hoh says:

    hello spledid wordsmith!
    how about bolding all your text so it’s easier to see and read!
    the letters are filling in as they aren’t bright enough against the black.
    hope you don’t mind my suggestion – i find i’m squinting at your page and having to really really concentrate to work out what is what as for me it’s not visually user friendly! make it easy on your visually challenged visitors!
    thanks hoh, i’ve made a post on the forums asking for idea’s, i just love the raw simplicity of this theme. i will look at others tho, thanks for mentioning it 🙂

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