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rattling teeth, dog stuck to tree

rattling teeth, dog stuck to tree
eskom aint working for me
why you giving away our electricity
for free
mnumzane gcabashe?
when last did your power go off
But its ok
we paying you 900 thousands a year
we like getting left with
the left overs of your jerk off
and still, still! you shake a tin for your
at us, put it up put it up put up with it
put up with it
to hell with it
thabo stays warm
behind his 90 million wall
phumzie aint talking,
she’s still in her jet
no blackouts for her yet
our criminal leaders above the law
5 thou for 180kph or more
its not who you know, its who you are
and you and I, my friend,
are at the wrong end of selebis gun
rattling teeth, dog stuck to tree
mark this day, SA’s going for free…



  1. SanityFound says:

    BRILLIANT!!! Eksdom se bleep Excellently written love the imagery 😀

    thank you my friend, what a country we live in…

  2. I like this a lot… really managed to get the attitude across whilst still maintaining excellent rhythm

    🙂 thank you

  3. Grace says:

    hello 🙂 just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog “Freshed Squeeze”…I’m not really writing there any more, but as I always acknowledge those that take the time to comment, I thought I’d drop in and send a shout out.

    oh no, why, you write so beautifully?

  4. LOTGK says:

    I have to say, I’m a bit confused. Some of the words I did not understand.

    mnumzane gcabashe: (mnumzane) Mister gcabashe is the the boss of eskom

    thabo: thabo mbeki is our president

    phumzie: phumzie mlambo-ngcuka is our deputy president

    Sometimes a spanner is just a wrench.

    and a heart wrenched needs a lot of care, not a spanner 😉 thanks for visiting

  5. LOTGK says:

    That explains it. I was intrigued, just didn’t understand the sir names.

    glad i could help 🙂

  6. Maryam Velazquez says:

    rattling teeth, dog stuck to tree the amandzing way is an interesting name for a blog, keep up the good work, thanks, from Maryam Velazquez

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