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dont talk to me about apartheid

dont talk to me about apartheid
while you show me hate
by burning my brother and raping my sister
driving my people back to a life not worth living
it’s south african payback
for the time you were sheltered
you, you fucking hypocrites, who first fled from hate
make a mockery of white mans apartheid
exactly sixty years to date
voetsak makwerekwere! (fuck off, foreigners)
your rallying cry as children lie
shivering in open fields
under the winter moonlight
left destitute by your fight for your right
to defy love for thy neighbour
you hate so stupidly
you mutilate your own blood brother
while government officials bleat turn down the heat
turn the other cheek we dont understand
the constitution makes this everyones land
too late commissions of enquiry of little consolation
as the constellation of stars cry down
on my brother in the street
who dies from fire consuming him
from his head to his feet
in this the land of the free
its shameful to be south african
brings out the zimbabwean in me




  1. SanityFound says:

    bravo its SICK fkn sick what is going on – have you heard the latest, the UN is now getting involved… fun

    no i hadn’t. and finally we’re here, a third world country. dammit!

  2. ozymandiaz says:

    Riviting powerful words.
    It has always been a contention of mine that to move forward one must release the past. Forgiveness is the key. So few seem to have that ability. So few want to let go the transgressions as those transgressions offer them rightous indignation, an excuse to hate (as if one was needed) and to feel the world owes them. Thusly it is retribution (a title for entitlement) they desire, not justice or equality.

    Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another. Nelson Mandela at his inaugural address on May 10, 1994.

  3. Nice, love your work keep it up, think I might add you to my blogroll

    thank you

  4. Steve says:

    Nice poem, though not a nice subject.

    thanks for visiting. I know 😦 but it’s our reality 😦

  5. SanityFound says:

    You read the news yet?

    been busy with layout, whats up?

  6. telmcg says:

    This is such a powerful piece, moreso knowing that your among the chaos.

    thank you

  7. sonkind says:

    Beautiful piece. This is such a tragedy, it feels as if this country is always going to be torn apart by hate, and that was really no pun intended.

    it seems to be a way of life for us 😦

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