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my boxes

it is safe to look within
says the pretty pink card
in friendly writing
i don’t believe it
yet my eyes won’t leave it
as my mind opens closed dusty curtains
certain to find my hidden door
as before

surprise surprise…

things shuffle back and scuffle for space
behind my Capricorn boxes
organised alphabetically, numerically, coincidentally
locked as tight as my door
i step over rotting corpses
of dragons slain
their plain white bones shine from the light of my life
and remind me of what went before
their eyes follow
daring me
for just a little blood
so they can come back and fight
for the electricity they still want from me
my boxes are still in place filed and sorted
dusty from what’s done is done and cant be undone
frozen in place by leave well enough alone
in here on my own
i feel things that want to feed
they’re smaller now but still need me
it’s safer to leave them there
the card was wrong
it’s not so safe within
rather brick it up and live without
when my house crumbles they’ll find
my Capricorn boxes
organised alphabetically, numerically
all marked
not applicable to me



1 Comment

  1. dopedmonk says:

    Those who dare to open the door
    even at the risk of slain dragons on the floor
    have a far more water-color life

    For most refuse to venture
    despite the inviting pink cards
    choosing to stay in there cardboard (not capricorn)
    boxes, their lives, myriad.

    so very true 🙂 thank you

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