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peace before the storm…



  1. SanityFound says:

    Wow oooo our clouds are by you now! Its pure sunshine out here after 4 days of constant storm and rain… see the sun always shines again 🙂 Beautiful photo my friend!

    thanks sweetie 😀 as an ex-natalian, i cant get enough rain, even at my age i’m playing in the thunder hail what ever, i love it!

  2. SanityFound says:

    PS Like the new look 😀

    is smiling from ear to ear 😀

  3. obakeng says:

    You know i’ve spent 5 good minutes looking at this pictures,

    This is beautiful!

    😀 Thank you

  4. gentledove says:

    Dear Amanda could it be a promise? peace before the peace?

    hey stranger 🙂 I hope so friend, i really hope so. it’s ironic, i took this photo some months ago, then we had the xenophobia, and now one of the refugee camps have been erected right here…

  5. gentledove says:

    Amanda I need your approval for dedicating a poem inspired by this pic, it’s called “Pillar of peace” love GD

    it is beautiful.

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