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Gentledove’s Pillar of Peace

I am the pillar of peace, your hopes

the veil that would hide is not solid

nor the sky brass that there’s no way through

or are all hearts bound as with ropes?

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  1. hysperia says:

    Wow. I found you through your comment on my blog re: Jamaica Kincaid’s poem. Your work here is amazing. I’ll be around.

    thank you, your stuff is pretty hot too 🙂

  2. gentledove says:

    I hope you know I was not looking for reciprocation Amanda, I know I can be a show off, but well oppression pinches me hard, my grandad was from Belfast, and he used to tell how it was, and because he was not violent he came to England to get out of it all.

    i know, but it is deserved 🙂

  3. says:

    Нey very nice blog!

    thank you

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