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I won’t say I told you so…

I wonder
who will kill the last fish
and who will snare the last antelope
while the last bird is sanitised then digitised
before being computerised to keep
safe for future reference, it’s the human preference
to compartmentalise and plasticise
anything and everything in the way
of progress
humans want to conduct
environmental impact assessments
on the effect of cements on wetlands
whether increased traffic will create any more havoc
for frogs ands birds than is strictly necessary
for humans to thrive
how many chemicals have to be pumped
into a river before the plants begin to wither
and die
environmentally friendly
it’s a convenient business lie
designed to pull artificial wool
over our eyes
while the earth spins around the sun we ignore
we live off power stations to satisfy our impatience
for now, turning our green and blue world
into a yellow and red nuclear village
digging for precious metals 5 miles underground
because they’re pretty
i wonder
when the earth will collapse
who will stick the final knife in Mother Nature’s heart
i wonder
if they will think it was worth it




  1. Tuesday says:

    Wow, this gave me chills! I can never fully express what I’m feeling like that, but I guess that’s why God gave us poets – to do it for us 🙂

    thank you

  2. […] his poem The Ever Lasting Observer, Enreal’s The Mist, Glaize with Crossroads, Amandzings I won’t say I told you so … wow WOW wow! You guys always amaze me, your talent seems to know no bounds! Each week I […]

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