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why do we write?


we write because we must
it’s an overpowering lust
harder to break than
a crack habit and when the power
leaves the pen and lies on the paper
taunting us as if to say
i’m out now i’m your maker
there’s no faker attitude
to think
we sit here in gratitude
it’s time for a hole
the soul has shed its skin
keep away from the sun need to tend
to within.



  1. gentledove says:

    yas, indeedy it’s like any other “vice” just a little ditty, and they get longer and longer, you think it’s all under control, until you try to stop, hee hee.

    lol, truth that

  2. shoreacres says:

    “We write because we must” ~ you, “in familiar voice”

    “Writing, I’m beginning to understand, can be something you do, or it can define who you are” ~ me, in “The Death of Freecell”

    Word for the day: simpatico

    Enjoyed the site!

    thank you 🙂


  3. Sonkind says:

    If writing, reading and music was against the law, I would have been born in jail 😉

    lol, so true

  4. telmcg says:

    It reminds me of something I wrote, my most recent poem, in fact, about how it’s like a bird inside of you struggling to get outside the “cage,” no matter how good of a writer someone is(n’t). I like your perspective, too, though. Fresh!

    thanks, i’m coming to read yours now!

  5. Beautiful style; truth and wisdom and musicality of words; I find myself addicted as well; as is our daughter at home, at ten. Her aspiration is to be a writer………. thanks for sharing!

    – 😀 thank you

  6. oniongirl says:

    i hear you sister. one of my links is to ‘smoke and morrors – michaels place’. he recently posted a mind-blowing (erm. granted – it doesnt take much to do that to my mind) quote by stephen king. have a looksee.

    wilco. and thank you for all your visits 😀

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