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World war three

the world is insane
its world war three for you and me
get it right people we gonna fight
cop against cop they got bullets in their guns
aint afraid of no street fight
who cares selebie is back in charge
our toy president
don’t got no worry ‘bout no fake criminal charge
black on white on black but red
blood can’t flow, because the man is yellow
from the flames licking tenderly at his face as dreams
of a better life blister on his cheeks
before his brains dynamite into the light
under that lovingly wielded axe
these are facts
our minister of labour belabours the point
that them chinese aint no black man
they better toe the line, got no more reason to whine
be B.E.E. like the rest of government
who get rich off you and me
living for free on white collective guilt
and criminals keep sticking knives in our backs to the hilt
banks sucking us dry don’t care
about inflation for the poor
world war three
its at our door



  1. Ali says:

    Wow! This is so spot on, Amanda. Brilliant writing.

    i wish it weren’t so my friend 😦

  2. babaliciou5 says:

    Witty rhyme.

    snitty crime

  3. babaliciou5 says:

    Ah … there you got my missing closure, again. I knew you knew it, ‘pure hearted’.

  4. SanityFound says:

    So incredibly sad but your words they are woven together with such incredible talent and skill *bows*

    thank you

  5. SanityFound says:

    just read it a third time… wow!

    thank you

  6. Powerful, hard core of truth, such as it is with poetry as it comes from our souls and those things that most haunt us every day……..

    and those that we have to live, especially when its totally unnecessarily. thank you

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