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sick people dumping

Letter to a litterbug

you stupid stupid man
not worthy of the human race
put you in a cage for throwing your muck
in my river
who the hell do you think you are
but its plain to see
stupid, stupid people
surround me head so far up your crack
you need a fking tight smack
caring for the planet would require
a little more forward thinking
than you are prepared to acquire
instead preferring to bare your malevolence
towards the only world we have
im sorry
are the words too big for you
stupid stupid man
bigger than the plan mother nature
has for us
you don’t care you’re too imbecilic
stupid stupid man
spilling your
poison hoping someone else will clean up
not really caring if they do
emperor of filth
doesn’t give a damn
stupid stupid man
need to slam you in the can
away from the light where nothing grows
and time slows to a drip drip drip
of polluted water down your nose
why do you deserve the right to life
you take away all that is right in this life
and now you want human rights
stupid stupid man



  1. telmcg says:

    The color variation in the photo is really interesting to the eye. Did you do some photo shop editing? It seems to flow from black & white to green. The green looks so lush, and then you notice the styrofoam (?) floating in the water and the distant tires. Very artistic, very tricky! ;D

    i did photoshop it, a trick i learnt at keelytate

  2. keelytate says:

    Awesome- it looks really great nice job- Later tonight there should be a lot more tutorials going up!

    thank you

  3. ellaella says:

    Effective use of that trick. I don’t know what it will take for mankind to realize we have only one Earth and really must be better custodians.

    true that, only when it’s all gone will there be a rending of clothes and a woe is us…

  4. ozymandiaz says:

    You, my dear, sing the song of my heart.
    Wonderful write.
    The image should be a read write prompt.
    Ooooh, what the heck
    I’ll throw one out.

    Tired Rivers
    Oh ye of limited mental capacities
    You leave in your wake your atrocities
    Upon our lands so green
    That once were serene
    Now have become such catastrophes
    Oh ye who seem never to care
    What you do to water, land or air
    Don’t you understand
    We really need the land
    Because without it we would have no where
    Oh ye who really need to understand
    That our food, in fact, comes form the land
    And the water and sky
    Without them we will DIE
    Just so you can be a shitty lazy excuse of a man

    (please excuse my explicatives)

    people who do this need to be made to drink that water grrrrrr

  5. […] want to go insane on their asses and tell them a little bit about counting their blessings and not polluting the universe with their lack of respect. Hmm perhaps they just wrote the book of […]

  6. BabaliciouS says:

    As you can find in my first post, humans are of two kind: being and animal. Apparently the latter weighs you so much problems with the environtment. Well, who can’t tell?

  7. history says:

    I love this poem, you are spot-on.

    thank you

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