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Jon Qwelane

you offend me try to denigrate me,
make me less than a human
compare my life to a bestial one
you say
my kind cannot be of service
to your God
why don’t we let your God decide that
or are you more important
I think you think that
which gives you false power to cast your
steel net of judgment weighted with
innuendo over homosexual
boys and girls, men and women
dykes and moffies
transgendered intersex people
trapping us all into your phobic little box of horrors
while you dance muppet like behind Mugabe’s line of
“If dogs and pigs do not do it, why must human beings?”
no original thought for our Jon Jon
he’s too busy writing up his next spittle-flecked bonbon
I can’t wait for your response
will your snakes tongue whine
…it was not meant to be taken seriously…
some news for you
apple of your mothers eye
we are dying here in the streets
raped and murdered
tortured and strangled
women sisters aunts daughters mothers lovers
all gone
because of people like you
blood on your hands Qwelane
mr newspaper editor practicing
editorial thuggery
I hope this damned spot follows you
Gay is here to Stay!


the disgusting vitriol that Qwelane wrote is pictured below. He is the Editor of the Sunday Sun.

addon: here is a brilliant link from



  1. SanityFound says:

    Your words speak a truth, they speak of the rage burning within me, the sadness that flows through me… Hypocritical egomaniacal bullshit artists

    roll on 1996 the year of our constitution :/

  2. I would say that said writer should consider that he has had his ass kicked…… well written and well deserved, I am sure. GAY IS SURELY HERE TO STAY, THANKFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    truth 🙂

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  4. […] brings me to the second issue, and that is the protests against the article: Qwelane’s column, published in last weekend’s Sunday Sun under the headline […]

    thank you

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  6. ozymandiaz says:

    Once I got the part about him appreciating Mugabe I had read enough
    I try to believe that everyone should have a voice but this makes me seriously reconsider that.
    I say we pull out his larynx
    with our bare hands
    and I don’t even have a violent nature

    thanks ozy, thats the first time i’ve laughed this week 😆

  7. intersex says:

    […] why don??t we let your God decide that or are you more important I think you think that which gives Society of North America A world free of shame, secrecy …Includes contact information, […]

  8. telmcg says:

    Someone should tell Jon Jon that homosexuality in the animal kingdom is well documented. Over 450 vertebrate species would be beheaded in Gambia if they didn’t get out.

    isn’t Gambia the country where homosexuals are being expelled?

  9. tomachfive says:

    Free flowing words, I love it…editorial thuggery…well done. He should mind his own business and if happiness is with someone of the same gender, who is Man or Woman, to stand in the way of Happiness, such a rare commodity.

    a goat even? 😉 indeed, and a high price is paid, happiness is earned.

  10. I was just about to say the same.. I think the phrase “editorial thuggery” will be slipping into my conversations this week. Well done for speaking out!

    – 😀 thank you, remember, you read it here first 🙂

  11. Rex Venom says:

    Well said.
    It is sad to think people can take the time to mistreat some people, when there are so much more important and needed things for one’s energy than that waste of hating.
    Rock on!

    so true dude. thank you

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  13. SanityFound says:

    You ok? Am missing you 😦

    is ok, just working on some stuff 🙂 thanks sweetie for caring

  14. angryafrican says:

    Well said. You know I am a straight guy who have been happily married for almost 15 years. I adore and love my wife to bits. One thing I have never understood at all is the discrimination and hatred towards gays. I do think it has something to do with people’s own insecurities. I wrote about this a while back –

    In the end it is pretty straight forward. Let people love. I couldn’t care less who they love. But love always somehow make people better.

    People like Jon Q should know that the biggest insult is not him being called gay. But the insult to all gay men and women when they are compared to Jon Q. Jon Q. Go and & $* yourself. Sorry. But I just can’t handle the bigotry and insecurity. People like Jon Q give straight men a bad name. Sorry Jon, you don’t want to be called gay? No way do I want you to be called straight either. Maybe you should go back to your cage so we can feed you whatever thinners you are sniffing.

    Again. Sorry for my outburst. I am not generally like this. But some things just get under my skin.

    no, no, not at all outburst away 🙂 i’ve had a couple myself 😉 it’s just too altruistic to expect everyone to get along i know, but it would be nice…

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