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thumping grey pain
in my back
my leg
dead patch wont be dead on my leg
damaged nerves sparking and jerking
leaving me lurching and twitching
even when I’m sitting grey grey pain
wont go away wont fade me out
just hanging there monkey on my back
im used to its bite no lack of imagination
needed to feel thumpthumpthumping
pain rolling through my veins
taking pains to remind me
cant fight it much longer
its stronger than me



  1. Pain can seem to be stronger than us, but the mind and soul can always be stronger than that, I believe that it can be for you, and I hope that for you…….. Peace.

    thank you sweetie

  2. ozymandiaz says:

    Chronic pain can be defeated WITHOUT drugs. Look up MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction).

    i will! thank you!

  3. gentledove says:

    It is such an accurate description, it makes me feel helpless too, when people offer their empty solutions it must aggravate even more, all I can do is give a hug and a cyber one at that. Suz

    hey you, 🙂 welcome back. sometimes, a cyber hug is all that is needed.

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