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the answer, my friend…

the wind works its way
through ancient cracks and ill-fitting doors
carrying whispered secrets and tired faerys
while unicorns rest on the moon
yet elves and pixies work refreshed
on secret moors
to take away our fears
and dry our tears
their magic drifts to us
cushioned by cool breezes
received in goose bumps
we rush past our peace of heaven
again again again
too busy to see
never avoiding those words
which give a beating chasing blood
from the meeting of intention and need
feed the need to listen to life make time to get in time
with a rhythm of time older than time
eternal time, Mother Nature time
watch how cool angels’ breath
raises hairs on your arms
know you’re protected
draw power from the storm
let the wild child in you
feel the power of earth
like fools we’ve ignored true magic
for too long
life is getting tougher
mankind harder towards mankind
nobody has time to be kind
to anything of any kind or time or place or even
to the self
no time to feel fine and good
need to do what needstobedoneaNDTOHELLWITHEVERYTHING


the wind works its way
through ancient cracks and ill-fitting doors
carrying whispered secrets and love faerys
while unicorns play on the moon
elves and pixies work refreshed
on secret moors
to open doors in our hearts and minds
to find that wild child
who’s been locked away from
the world as we pulled towards civilisation
the old ways dismissed with condemnation
as we pit nation against nation
killing everything there is no rational
explanation for the damnation of the human race
listen to the wind
because truly
the answers are in it
we just don’t listen enough


thanks to Margaret J Wheatley for the opening two lines


unicorn courtesy of andymackunicorns



  1. dakinle says:

    Wow – so much of this reminds me of my own style, the lyrical borrow for the title, the imagery, the stanzas, the world view. Yet it still has such a unique voice. Obviously I really enjoyed this. 🙂

    Dakin –

    thank you 😀 i’ll definitly pop in and visit 🙂

  2. gentledove says:

    This is just the style I see in real poets-the drama of was quite a long time coming this one Amanda?

    it was, i’ve been playing with it for about three months in my head, then it just gelled today and had to get out my head and into the world… 🙂 thank you

  3. amanda: FANTASTIC… and so much in here about what I have been pondering lately with others here in blogger land….. no time, no patience to stop and listen to what is with us all of the time. No one wants to believe anymore that the magic is around us, watching out for us, because to believe in something we cannot see means letting go, trusting and having faith.

    For just a few stanzas, you fit in so much that is in my own head and heart……. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    Glad that you are back…….. 🙂

    thank you :blush: you’re too kind 🙂

  4. SanityFound says:

    Am with Vanessa on this one *bows to master wordsmith* incredible hun incredible!

    wb did miss you 😀

    fanx maaan 🙂

  5. aslam9895 says:

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    will do 🙂

  6. abnegation says:

    eye love the way this makes me feel. its been floating around my head the last few days…. the soft alliteration is wonderful and:
    never avoiding those words
    which give a beating chasing blood
    from the meeting of intention and need

    still gives me goose bumps!

    eye sat with that phrase for about six months, just couldn’t place it, finally it rebirthed here… thank you

  7. BabaliciouS says:

    Ahh, Amanda …
    What to say? Hmm, you got my tears down the heart lane … and this kind of echoes can only come from a pure-hearted being — not from any regular wordsmith may I mind you.

    Warmest regards,
    ~dull chimp~

    grrrr….you’re not dull. you write brilliantly. rule one of this site. never put yourself down. rule two: see rule one.

  8. bomi says:

    I’m so speechles right now. Can’t believe what I just read. Wow, you write so beautifully Amanda and your style is so rare. I’m so glad to have found this blog, and we’re in the same country. I have goose bumps all over. I have to add you to my blogroll 🙂

    thank you very much 🙂

  9. BabaliciouS says:


    I have to add you to my blogroll.

    Who doesn’t, eh?

    any time you need a backscratch my friend… 😉

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