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insy winsy spider…

Rain Spider

Ag maaan it’s so cute, this plate sized specimen has taken residence up in my study…

Family: Sparasidae

Genus: Palystes

This large brown spider is often found inside houses near lights during the night. During the day this often docile spider rests behind objects. In its natural habitat these spiders can be found on bushes and trees.

These spiders do not make a web but rather actively hunt for large insects to prey upon. Their spines on their legs help the spider get a grip on struggling prey items. The spider pounces on prey, wraps its legs around the prey and delivers a fatal bite.

Their large fangs together with their weak venom cause pain. Note that the female is agressive when guarding her eggs. Although their bite is painful there venom is of little conseqeuence to human beings. Bites from this spider cause mild swelling and itching for a couple of days.

When threatened, these spiders wave their two front legs in the air. The black and white bands on the underside of their legs are characteristic of this spider. During defence, they open their fangs and spread their front legs open to make them look bigger than they actually are.

They are called rain spiders because they are often most active just before or just after it has rained.

Females make a fist sized egg sac, wrapped in leaves and silk. This egg sac is attached to vegetation by thick strands of web. The female guards the egg sac tenaciously until the young spiders emerge from the egg sac.

Although these creatures are harmless they cause quite a stir because of their large size. If unwanted specimens are found in houses they should be carefully scooped-up and release elsewhere.



  1. SanityFound says:

    I woke up with this thing on my bed the other day … I almost wet the bed. I friggin HATE these things and run around like such a chick screaming and waving my arms. Yes, I do this alone as well.

    – :roflmao: 😆 Sorry hun, mental image 😆

  2. ozymandiaz says:

    it is good fortune for you and your study then

    – 🙂 aye, ‘cept i cant see the bugger anywhere now, as much as i give them their space, i really would prefer it not to make an unexpected appearence, otherwise you’ll find me doing the Sanity thang… 😆

  3. angryafrican says:

    I really don’t like spiders. I had a few of these in our house back in SA. Thanks for the advice – “they should be carefully scooped-up and release elsewhere”. Like that will ever happen in my house.

    -:lol: use a paper plate and a tupperware, they really are very placid, and after a few days they’ve eaten all the cockroaches etc so they get weak and slower

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