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alternate reality…

imagine if white were black in South Africa…

Found this apparantly banned advert on you tube. not sure why it was banned, or why it was made in the first place, but definitly food for thought… according to the blurb by jonobob: Awesome advert by SABC 1 in South Africa where whites have reversed roles with blacks to produce an interesting concept. Set in Soweto South Africa. Music by: Mapaputsi-kas lam ayoooba



  1. Matt says:

    That was very interesting to watch, certainly gives a perspective on how it must feel when roles are reversed.

    walk a mile in another mans shoes… thanks for popping in.

  2. abnegation says:

    powerful. eyeve been living with the images for a week and something about it STILL makes me unthinkably uncomfortable…. eye can understand why it was banned (by the state?).

    its one thing for me 2 revolt against an injustice eye have suffered directly, but it is an entirely different animal (and all the more distasteful!) when someone ELSE is broken and disgusted just bearing witness 2 it.

    (laughing) eye feel like eye need 2 take a shower! eeesh!

    there will always be the haves and have nots, no matter how unfair it is. unfortunately, the bulk our have nots were created by a despicable system that will take generations to right, if ever, which has caused a justifiable amount of anger…

  3. oniongirl says:

    howdy amandzing… jeeez – youre being even more elusive than me lately?

    hope you’re well – and writing quietly somewhere.

    thank you, just battling with stuff

  4. Telemachus says:

    No writing as late? What gives? Perhaps you have taken to writing the world’s masterpiece and will bless us with it very soon?

    one day…

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