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the carnival is over

ring ding ding-a-ling
ding ding ring-a-ling
the carnivals in town
ring ring ding-a-ring
the worlds gone mad
rich man gets richer
poor man gets green stamps
politicians well that’s another
ring ding sing-a-ling ballgame
financial market melting down again
market volatility got no sympathy
oil comes down
fuel goes up
food goes up and the boys at the top
shake their heads and say
who knows where its going to stop
ring ding ding-a-ling
ding ding ring-a-ling
the worlds gone mad
armoured glass stopping stock brokers
from jumping
aint no-one taking responsibility man
best we start looking
for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Betrayed by evil daughters Fear and Panic, and failing to listen in the past to the calming voice of good daughter Rationality, equity markets retreated despite ardent efforts by governments and central banks to stem the rout
ring ding ding-a-ling
ding ding ring-a-ling
the worlds gone mad
all I know is
money may as well be snow
and here at the bottom of the pit
all this no show of snow?
we’re feeling it…



  1. gentledove says:

    Hello Amanda, even the words of a bell ring ding ding a ling catches the ear, I fear me things are about to get much worse, but perhaps the wealth is merely shifting from west to east which at least will have the ring of justice about it. I wish you well.

    thankee kindley 🙂

  2. ozymandiaz says:

    welcome back my friends to the show that never ends were so glad you could attend come inside come inside

    Like a drum my heart was beating
    And your kiss was sweet as wine
    But the joys of love are fleeting
    For Pierrot and Columbine
    Now the harbour light is calling
    This will be our last goodbye
    Though the carnival is over
    I will love you till I die

  3. Scope says:

    Here’s the second hit for you. 🙂

    thankee kindly 🙂

  4. I am finding more and more every day how this circus affects all of us all over the world……. I am ready for the carnival to head out of town….. for sure….

    amen to that sista

  5. tomachfive says:

    “…armoured glass stopping stock brokers
    from jumping…” – Just love these types of phrases. 🙂

    – 🙂 thank you

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