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well done california

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see no to proposition

discrimination sucks, fool. i’ll be back.



  1. Cant believe says:

    A dark day in their history.


  2. One hopeful response of this is that the LGBT community and their allies in the US are getting organized and showing signs of outrage and support. Change, brighter change, is coming, indeed.

    it’s heartbreaking, infuriating and frankly, i’m stunned. how does a backwater like south africa get it right? i’m really glad to hear that, i really hope they get it right this time.

  3. ms7hsss says:

    The LDS spent $80-million to defeat Prop 8, but they will never succeed in defeating choice and love…

    true, but when love doesn’t conquer all? what then? mashini wam?

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