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there’ll never be another nelson

i said hello, zimbabwe……well, hello, mugabe
it’s so nice to have you back where you belong
youre lookin swell, mugabe…….i can tell, zimbabwe
you’re still burnin…mugabe’s still crowin…you’re still goin down
you feel that room swayin……from the hunger twangin’
against your spine your panga’s rapping from way back when
So….. take their bread, fellas……ain’t got no money, fellas
mugabe’ll never go away again

(instrumental financial break)

i said hello, malema,……well, hello, zuma
Its not surprising to find malema’s hand up your ass, it’s where it belongs
youre lookin swell, zuma…….i can tell, zuma
you’re still glowin…you’re still showering…you’re still kanga mon
You feel that room swayin? ……from the judges gavel’
Against your head your crimes’ll catch you from way back when
So….. take my hint, fellas……dont get no malema, fellas
mandela’ll never be back again

Thanks Louis


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