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i know my friend is dead

i know my friend is dead
it was a dark and starless night
in my dream
hope was plain out of light
beyond the mountain
a faint glow lined the ridge
i was outside this dank and chilly night
i’d heard the bark and howl
of an old and faithful friend
i threw back my head and yowled
zak! owoooooo
but it was pointless
a dead end
then a six horse carriage thundered by
quick as lightning I jumped up high
chased those horses
until sparks from their hooves flew by
they ran over the mountain
i knew i was going to see zak again
as i passed over the ridge
i saw the light was a lie
and zak had already left
i’ll never see my boy again

04:27am/ i just called the current handler of my ex police dog zak, he just passed away peacefully in his sleep tonite. happy hunting old friend, you saved my life more times than i care to remember and showered yourself in glory.



  1. I am glad that your beloved friend and comrade died peacefully, but am sorry for your loss, Amanda. My thoughts are with you…….

  2. cjwriter says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Amanda. I know how loyal police dogs are and Zak sounds like he was a wonderful companion and friend. Your poem is beautiful as well… I hope writing it helped you, in some way.

  3. kay says:

    Sad and poignant, yet beautiful. I understand pain. At least I think I do.

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