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theres a hole in my head

theres a hole in my head, don’t worry
im not thinking of being dead instead its
caused by words tumbling around and bashing up against the inside of my skull
most people think our brains are solid but thats only
the third dimensional physical anatomical presentation of the
conglomeration of words jammed solid
when they have nowhere to go…
i have a hole in my head and
words are leaking out, laughing at me with
the ease of their escape
as they break free from boundaries
i know
they hate to be stacked and stored in flawless order
rhythm and pace are the way forward
because without words all we have is gibberish
the idea of it leaves me feverish and if all i can manage
at the end of this day
is this garbled piece of white noise
floating around in my head
then perhaps
i wont lose too many words
because of the hole in my head…


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