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space and time

daddy loved me so he said
but he never put me to bed
or read me a bedtime story
the distance between us
river deep and mountain high
a vague memory of him being there
but never there
if you know what i mean
but maybe i’m being mean
selective memory because of
the space between us now
between a man and the daughter
it’s easier to believe the possible bad
back then
to make the real hurt now
more understandble
if he was distant then
then i can live
with the distance now
whether i want to
or not



  1. baby says:

    I can’t be your mom or dad but i can love u and i will do my best to hold you up to the light. Its not much but i will do my best to love you

    lol, in spite of me? 🙂 I love you my babes

  2. powerful and wise, for a child remembering……

    I hope you find peace in this chaos of feelings….

    i hope so too…thank you…

  3. Tel says:

    This is the second poem this week I’ve read that strikes images of the confessional poets. It’s both feeling and unfeeling once, but not in a crude way. Such is life.

    aye, and i drag my sorry ass on…

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