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Girl, 2, with hand injury has legs amputated
Nov 29, 2009 8:19 PM | By Sapa

A two-year-old girl who was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital for burn marks on her hands landed up having both legs amputated, the Gauteng Department of Health and Social Development said.

“The toddler…was admitted at Far East Rand Hospital and later transferred to Charlotte Maxeke Academic hospital to be treated for burns on her hands. Instead she ended up with her legs being amputated, ” said departmental spokesman Mandla Sidu in a statement.

He said the Gauteng Health MEC has called a meeting for Monday with hospital personnel about the incident of negligence to which Thembisa Kometsi from Daveyton was victim.

“Those found to be guilty of negligence…disciplinary action will taken against them which may lead to dismissal”, said Mahlangu.

The rest of this drivel here.

I’m sorry, what? a) How does a surgeon amputate two legs? One is not enough, they have to go for two??

b) Dismissal? WTF? Criminal negligence? Jail time? Compensation? The spokesman saw fit not to mention this?

but wait, there’s more…

Kometsi, a dressmaker, believes the intravenous drips that staff at Far East Rand Hospital inserted into her daughter’s feet caused the gangrene that turned them into blackened stumps.

“I’m still busy with my lawyer,” Kometsi told the Saturday Star after the MEC’s visit. “I don’t trust what they (the government) are promising.”

Kometsi said the toddler burnt her hands on September 15 when she accidentally plunged them into boiling bathwater in the family’s shack. Her mother rushed her to the nearby Phillip Moyo Clinic, which transferred her to Far East Rand Hospital.

“There was no treatment. They just wrapped her burns and gave her Panados.”

Her daughter then developed diarrhoea and vomited. “They gave her a powder for it, but couldn’t explain what it was. She still had diarrhoea.”

On September 18, nurses inserted a drip into one of her feet and then another containing blood into her other foot. They also administered two drips containing fluid in her foot, which lasted three hours.

“My daughter was rolling around on the bed. She started getting pains. Her feet were swollen and started to turn purple. I was worried as she was in a bad condition.”

She later found out that her daughter had been transferred to Charlotte Maxeke on September 20.

“No one told me she had been moved. They cleaned her burn wounds, which were dirty. They said my child’s legs were damaged from gangrene. I asked how that happened. They said that because she had burns, some of her veins were blocked and blood was not flowing to her legs.

Its investigation showed that “the death of tissue in her legs was due to her blood being prone to clots as she had suffered burns and diarrhoea and was also short of oxygen due to pneumonia she was suffering at the time”.

But Kometsi doesn’t accept this: “They took me as if I know nothing. I know what happened to my child. I was there from beginning to end. I saw how they put the drips in.

“There was nothing wrong with her besides her burns. I won’t agree with them until they tell me my child was injured by their drips.”

this is horrifying


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  1. cjwriter says:

    That poor girl. This kind of incompetence is unbelievable. Her family must be distraught beyond belief.

    And I agree. Surely it’s at least criminal negligence or gross negligence causing serious bodily harm. That would be jail time here. And a massive compensation payout.

    I hope the family gets some kind of justice. Awful.

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