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casualty of war

Daily Telegraph journalist awarded for Semenya story From: The Daily Telegraph December 04, 2009 1:07AM
Source: AP
THE Daily Telegraph’s Mike Hurst took out the top award the Australian Sports Commission dinner in Melbourne for his world exclusive on the Caster Semenya scandal.
Hurst won for best reporting of an issue in sport after he uncovered medical reports proving Semenya – who had stormed to victory in the women’s 800m at the 2009 Berlin World Championships – had internal male testes that gave her an increased testosterone level and a huge advantage over her female rivals.

Hurst also exposed an extensive cover-up by South African athletics officials, leading to their resignation.

well done mike hurst
no doubt you sleep easy at night
justified and sanctified
in your sanctimoanious assertions
it’s for the greater good
that you exposed the politicians
ripping off the ‘hood
exposing lies and corruption
well done mike hurst
the bastards are all gone now
leaving behind a young woman
shattered by the knowledge
that she is not who she thought she is
because you did it for the greater good
and it also shows the high level
of journalism in your country
when claims are disputed
but still, you get the award?
i wish you no harm mike
that would drag me to your level
i just hope that one day
you understand
what it is you’ve done
to this young woman


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