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Soccer time

Soccer city in Jozi

soccer is here
and a whole bunch of people
are going to come and kick a ball
up and down and run around
and get sweaty and stuff
and then they’ll go and watch the games
i hope i’ll meet some of you
and show you the bright side
of south africa
my africa
where lions
no longer roam in the street
where most cops
are not corrupt
where tar roads and street lights abound
we have our problems
any teenager does
you’re not going to undo fifty years
of apartheid at the drop of a vote
but we’re working on them
and i believe
this is going to be
the best soccer world cup in history
because its going to lift us
help us
find our commonality
just a pity
we can only find it when we’re being sporty

David Beckham, Charlize Theron and FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke do the draw…

Who’s playing who?

Images are screen grabs from FIFA except for the first photo which i took


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