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those were the days

as a child of the sixties, the seekers featured a lot. this brings back fond memories of sitting in front of my dads record-player and singing along. when i met my love kim, i wooed her with this song:

we were two damaged souls looking for love and safe harbour, and we found it in each other. and now nearly four years on, we are stronger, not in each other, but because of each other, and i give my heart utterly and freely to her.

and if the seekers can still pull it together after all these years, you can bet your bottom dollar we can face anything life dishes up…


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  1. shoreacres says:

    I’m so glad to have bumped into your blog again – I always enjoyed reading it when I first came to WordPress, but just had gotten out of the habit. You’re back in my blog surfer now, so I can keep up a bit better.

    I’m amazed – I’m of the generation who listened to The Seekers all the time, but I had no idea they were Australian. Glad to have learned that!

    and i’m happy you’re back šŸ™‚ i messed around on another platform and neglected this one badly, and my blogfriends, but i’m back, cap in hand and lesson learned šŸ™‚

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