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Who are you, really?

Taken from Mandy de Waal

What is your favorite virtue?

Not judging people

What is the principal aspect of your personality?


What are your favorite qualities in a man?

Humbleness and understanding

What are your favorite qualities in a woman?

Strength and intelligence, plus she must know it.

What is your chief characteristic?


What you admire most in your friends?

Their randomness

What do you appreciate most about your friends?

That they’re my friends

What is your main fault?

Fly off the handle too quickly

What is your favourite occupation?

Being a cop.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Being a cop.

What would be your idea of absolute misery?

Not knowing who I am. Been there, done that, got the scars.

If not yourself, who would you be?

If I was someone else, I’d probably be myself again?

Where would you like to live?

In South Africa, near a beach, mountain and veld. So I guess West Coast.

What is your favourite colour and flower?

Blue, Flame Lily

Who is your favourite author?

Wilbur Smith

Who is your favourite poet?

Ulla Kelly, Sue Smith, Myesha Jenkins, Caroline Smith, Vanessa van Gelder, Lebogang Mashile

Who is your favourite fictional heroine?


Who is your favourite fictional hero?

don’t have one…

Who is your hero in real life?

My mom

Which historical character do you most dislike?

Pick an 1820 settler

Which historical hero do you most like?

Mohatma Ghandi

What do you hate most in the world?

Unqualified judgement of people

What talent would you like to be gifted with?

Mathematics. But really genius level.

How would you wish to die?


What would your tomb stone read?

She lived. But Beloved better cremate my ass or there’s going to be a haunting…

What is your present state of mind?

Busy, but unfocussed

What fault do you have that you tolerate the most?

My ability to procrastinate

When do you lie?

When I have to

Who or what do you hate?

Not much, hate is a really strong emotion, and it’s too draining. If I have to, it’s cooked vegetables.

What is your greatest achievement?

My two sons, and that I am here today, and that I am who I am.

What’s your most treasured possession?

My eyes. I am terrified of going blind, I don’t think I’d live without sight.



  1. me says:

    thanks 🙂

    i seem to have given up writing poetry – or it’s given up writing me ..

    aye know the feeling…not enuff angst going on…

    • me says:

      i used to write silly bullshit happy rhymes too
      now.. nuffink.

      too many blogs spread me too thin. i’ve consolidated now to this one.

  2. shoreacres says:

    What an interesting meme. I don’t know any of the poets. I’ll explore.

    I laughed at the tombstone question. One of the few truly funny posts I’ve written is called “The Tombstone Follies”. In it I mention what I, a varnisher of boats, would want on my stone. It’s so simple:

    “She Varnished From our Sight”


    – 😆 you varnish boats? what a truely cool job!

    • shoreacres says:

      Yep. Threw away my high heels and pearls 20 years ago and started my own business. The weather can be a pain. Otherwise, I love it.

      awesome 🙂

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