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Strelitzia growing in my garden… i’ll probably be in a little trouble with my wife because…’trimmed’ our overly bushy garden to access the strelitzia, but she’s still sleeping so i’m safe for now…



  1. shoreacres says:

    So beautiful. I had to check – it is our “Bird of Paradise”. They always make me think of Paul Gauguin’s work.

    i had to google Gauguin, but i see what you mean, stunning work, do you have any?

    • shoreacres says:

      No, sure don’t. But I did have a calendar once with reprints of his work, and a blouse that looked a lot like one of his canvases!

      – lol 😀

  2. How beautiful!!!!

    – 🙂

  3. amandzing says:

    Ozy, thanks, i dunno what i did to your comment it landed in the spam folder then when i unspammed it, it disappeared…

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