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Why are we dying?


there’s a rhyme in my mind
and it won’t go away and it goes like this
whatever did Noxola Nogwaza
do to deserve this?
whatever did chrissy lee polis
do to deserve this?
and all the the others
who have been brutalised and killed
their bodies and minds
vandalised and stilled?

maybe its time to to fight
for every sexually different human
who has suffered nazi treatment
at the hands of so-called humans
gate keepers of the heteronormative way
no more words
no more education or placating
assuring and reassuring
maybe it’s time to hit back
hard and harder still

i thought i’d seen the light
believed in the might of words
reaching out and understanding fears
as we hid our tears as we stretched out
the hand of reconciliation
to a backward hetero nation
you don’t have to understand me
or like me
and quite frankly
i could care less of what you think of me
just leave me alone
i’ll leave you alone
and we’ll both be happy

maybe it’s time to fight?
it’s definitly time to fight…


1 Comment

  1. I had not heard about her death; I stand with you.

    thank you

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