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I said no


its a little word with no stopping power
because those with power
refuse to use their power for good
please dont cry you say
i love you you say as you pat hir hair
roll hir over and make penis shaped holes in hir soul
because evil is simpler than good
easier to explain
its hir fault as you demand your freedom
how dare she be lascivious
see those fresh flesh net stockings disappear into short skirts
its simply all hir fault
how dare he be a beautiful boy with deep brown eyes
long strong thighs its hir fault
that deviant predators are predators
are predators faults alone
but united we stand
societal conditioning and norms demand
that its their fault they must be damned
damn them when did humans
give away the right to be human
when did humans think we should fly
with penis shaped holes in our souls
no means no
not help yourself to our dreams, our goals, our life
its a little world with no willpower
because those with the power
prefer to cower and say its our fault
do this do that
and maybe
you wont get penis shaped holes in your soul

*Hir – a gender neutral pronoun


I said no


1 Comment

  1. incredibly strong poems I liked them a lot …i worry even if I have a swear word in mine but you just let it roll

    lol, thank you…sometimes one could be more circumspect, but then usually by the time i’ve finished, i’m like, fukkit... šŸ™‚

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