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short memories

Absolutely disgusting. Lesbians as Rabbis? Its a ‘bizayom she ayn kemoh’(sic). To jump on the Torah in the name of Judaism? What do they think they are doing? And ,just a thought, if they are lesbians, and she had a baby, who was the father? I know of another religion that started that way….
And in Judaism, a woman that is promiscuous is called a ‘zona’. Not the type one wants as a spiritual leader of a community.

disgrace of note
nothing can compare to this disgrace
this abomination is
shaking with rage
i want to scream
rant and rave
women who dont conform
to a traditional societal view
nothing more than a zona
a slut by any other name
bring the stones
how dare she be free to love
nothing sicker than the wrong kind of love
shove it in the
ground and pound it to death
repeat after him thou shalt not love
its a bizayon she’en kemoh
how dare we how dare she
want to be free
what threatens so much about love
for the same other
that she cant love her community
be in service to her community
lesbian rabitzen slut
how soon we forget

your silence condones
your silence approves
your silence judges
your silence grates
on me and mine
your silence cuts
your silence cat o’ nine tails
your silence rages
your silence bleeds
in me and mine
your silent blessing
your silent judgement
your silent approval
your silent condonation
your tacit condemnation
will never silence
me and mine


1 Comment

  1. nectarfizz says:

    Such strength in this poem. HAZZAH. I am always liking you feisty and unhindered by suppression tactics. Rise up and fight. Love this.

    thank you my sweet fizzy friend, it’s been awhile 🙂

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