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never fear, the spear is near

this Africa woman born and bred
left white in the face over this farce
don’t understand why African African man
childishly wants petulantly insists angrily demands
that he is his penis and his penis is a nation
spear rapes my mind
bow down before this masterpiece
the nations master piece so there can be peace
between African Caucasian and African African
cant use the spear to piss on
a piece cast in shadow that casts its shadow
over Africa
and as Africa women are speared every 17 seconds
African African men fight
for the dignity of a spear that has no dignity
while vagina’s litter the ground
torn and bleeding and kicked
woman no more than
make his child
masterpiece doesn’t give a fuck
when masters’ piece wants a fuck
he’ll take it
old and young vaginas
slaves to the spear of the nation
only there to be fucked
dominated by the spear of the nation
stabbed with broken bottles
owned by spears of the nation
mutilated with razors
raped by the spears of the nation
burnt with cigarettes
hated by the spears of the nation
vaginas past menstruation
vaginas years from menstruation
i was never afraid before
felt protected by the blood i’ve bled into Africa’s maw
but now i know it doesn’t matter
Africa doesn’t care
all that matters
is the nation gets to play with its spear
fuck the poor fuck our future fuck you and fuck me
vaginas only have time
to venerate adulate worship and respect
the spear before the nation


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