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we don’t deserve a flag

yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of heteronormativity
i will fear no evil: for the constitution is with me
thy writ and thy power, they comfort me
even if it’s not worth the paper it is written on
as countless women who love women
are bludgeoned and beaten
are raped and killed
in the name of ‘corrective’ rape
and even as their heads are anointed with blood
we bicker and fight and hate each other
verily, my cup runneth over with bile
and despair at self-involved callow pettiness that follows  these dark days
as I dwell in the house of the Rainbow Nation under the Rainbow Flag


1 Comment

  1. Alvira Engelbrecht says:

    Hell yeah!

    it should be taken away from us until we stop behaving like brats and using agendas to further organisations instead of the cause :/

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