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never mind the dog beware of the homosexual

the child shall bear the sins
as the father and the mother
live their lives through our lives
molded and folded into living
life as respectable members of society
demands we follow societal obligations
join in the legion condemnations of
those who live in stephen mulhollands
world where
homosexual lives are ultimately undesirable…

you better run you better
hide your wives and sons and daughters and husbands
from us ultimately undesirable
gay people will breed homo sapiens out of
existence is futile because lesbians and gays are not
fertile imaginations run away with
sanity and reason are anarchaic to our cause
we will end the human
race to decide who we will defeat
first the girls or the boys…

mulholland cowers behind platitudes and sops of
glib plenitudes to soothe the undesirable
falter at his some of my best friends are gay
assertions he strues bobs in his ghastly
catalogue of nazi derived
horrors like this have no place in
this world is a better place because of those who are
ultimately undesirable that mulholland be allowed
to spew his bile and defile our lives  whats next
apartheid …oh…wait…


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