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smoke and mirrors

imagine a world where you could see me
and i could see you
the real me the real you
no smoke and mirrors
no social grease oiling politically correct smiles
how would we be what would we see
if we could see the real me the real you
the wanton whore the snake-oil charmer
the freak the meek the sad the mad
the very very bad

the world is watching
and judging
they see us
you see what I let you see
what society demands I should be
but if its all the same to you
im going to sit in the corner now
and bleed quietly
internally where no one can see

imagine a real world where
the real me was easy to be
the real you was true to you
would life be simpler and  honest
would we tear each other apart
instead of our monsters shredding the walls of our souls
where we trap our  demons
behind smoke and mirrors
the heartbroken the lusty the damaged the peacemaker
the very very lost


1 Comment

  1. Jos says:

    This is a poem that will resonate with many – so true. Beautiful, Amanda. And congrats on the new job.

    Thank you Jos, much appreciated 🙂

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