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In black and white

as black as sin
black sheep of the family
and like sheep everyone bleats
black people this black people that
even black people embrace, cuddle, masticate
the words black people

i dont know any black people
i know people with black souls
i know people with honey brown skin
hazel, chocolate-coloured, coffee-coloured, cocoa-coloured nut-brown skins
yet we fixate on black
slack black, dirty black, light sucking black, black hole black

aparthate planted the seeds of self hate
it must be
why else would a proud nation
own black enjoy black
it makes no sense
to privileged caucasian me

maybe my privilege blinds me
wont let me see
being black is more than its cracked up to be
being black is something better than me
i hope so i want it so
it would be so if language didn’t make black bad

white and black
its the great divide
we use it to hide our potentials
our futures our prides
we use it to wallow in
to swallow in our own poison

white is pure
white is angelic
white is clean
white is power
white is right
um no it fucking isn’t

we’re dying indelibly forever on our mountain of colour
its time to get over our colour
its time to colour this country with humanity
which has no colour
never forgetting our past
we can colour a brighter future


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