the amandzing way

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where have all the writings gone
lost in the high definition 7 bajillion
colour pixelated world of crash boom
and specially effected bangs

where have all the writings gone
lost in a world of political correctness
chopped just as surely as a mawkish teenager
dancing in the beat of the night with
inelegant steps whispering lustful i love yous
on beer stained breath

we dont see any more
day by day we see even less
the splitter tittle of water in a fountain
the pattern of a dainty deer picked out
against the bulk of a mountain green
covered with the life of spring

we dont hear any more
day by day we hear even less
the silence healing the night
the darkness shedding the light
the cracking of dawn and
the vanity of the sun as it banishes fear and
lightens our burden of yesterfear

we cant feel anymore
day by day we feel even less
the tickle of air through body hair
a thousand little cotton tongues
flickering on our skin
the hot and cold
of new and blood
running lub-dub lub-dub
through our souls

its the time of the dance of 1s and 0s
we’re tied to digital puppet strings
of multiple platform digital streams
we’ve abdicated our greatest power
tied our imagination to a digital anchor
and even as we cry to be free
we’re lost
you and me


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